Leisung assists commercial businesses of all sizes in addressing their AV issues and improving cooperation. By providing a built-in support system for their collaborative spaces and freeing up their employees to concentrate on key objectives, our knowledgeable and qualified personnel will be there by their side in every step of the way.


  1. Acoustical Engineering

    Gone are the days of echo's and howling , the best audio equipment and accessory placement to support clarity of sound

  2. Microphones

    Let your ideas be heard with web and video conference communication support

  3. Sound Field Systems Speakers

    Create a seamless look and deliver presentations or conference audio that everyone can hea


  1. Touch Screens

    GQuickly navigate your applications with touch screen control, even during the middle of presentations. Experience hands-on collaboration with your team or clients with a simple swipe or touch!

  2. Video Walls

    Set the mood for presentations with a digital background or present information in multiple ways! Our engineers specialize in ensuring that the multiple screens are programmed to fit the specificity of your company’s needs!

  3. Video Distribution/Cameras

    Turn your conference room into a global meeting space with our state of the art video conferencing

  4. Projection Systems

    Easily connect and provide video and data to your team on the big screen.

  5. Video Conferencing

    Leisung will find the perfect video conferencing system for any type of environment. We also design collaborative video conferencing rooms keeping in mind the law of the land.

Room Automation

  1. Touch Screens And Remotes

    Help presenters use conference rooms with easy to use touch screen and remote technology, regardless of technical knowledge!

  2. Room Scheduler

    Minimize conference costs by using a scheduling platform that keeps everyone up to date on scheduled meetings. Reserve any room remotely from any calendar, such as Google Calendar or Outlook. Also, control the room monitoring systems and functions with ease.

  3. Network AV

    Leisung shall allow for transferring audio and visual information over a shared network without tons of bulky equipment in each room!

  4. Lighting

    Program your conference room lights or control them remotely from outside of the room or office!

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