Leisung creates a wide range of solutions for homes and hospitality buildings that improve the comfort of their occupants. These include interactive digital entertainment systems and cutting-edge "smart" devices that can virtually predict your needs to provide the perfect ambience.


  1. Acoustical Engineering

    Gone are the days of echos and howling , the best audio equipment and accessory placement to support clarity of sound

  2. Microphones

    Let your ideas be heard with web and video conference communication support

  3. Speakers

    Create a seamless look and deliver presentations or conference audio that everyone can hear


  1. Video Walls

    The video walls serve as a source of entertainment, information and as antidotes to perceived wait times at lobby front desks. A social media component to engage hotel guests is also a major part of the implementation

  2. Kiosks

    Hotel lobbies are another place where kiosks are utilized to automate and streamline the experience of hotel guests. The kiosks can greet guests, check them in, and provide a room key. With other added features, such as virtual concierge software and internet access, these kiosks can help hotel guests find local amenities with a few clicks of a button or swipes of a finger.

  3. LED Tiles for Ballrooms

    Direct view LED video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle. Leisung provide a wide range of LED displays from high resolution indoor video walls to solutions for the biggest outdoor public and sporting venues

  4. Media Players

    When it comes to Digital Signage, content is king, but you still need a reliable digital signage player to drive it to the screens. Whether you’re looking for captivating signage or menu boards in breathtaking 4K resolution, short-form Leisung with its advanced solutions with a million capabilities, we have the solution to make it happen

Room Automation

  1. Touch Screens And Remotes

    Help presenters use conference rooms with easy to use touch screen and remote technology, regardless of technical knowledge!

  2. Room Scheduler

    Minimize conference costs by using a scheduling platform that keeps everyone up to date on scheduled meetings. Reserve any room remotely from any calendar, such as Google Calendar or Outlook. Also, control the room monitoring systems and functions with ease.

  3. Network AV

    Leisung shall allow for transferring audio and visual information over a shared network without tons of bulky equipment in each room!

  4. Lighting

    Program your conference room lights or control them remotely from outside of the room or office!


  1. BGM

    Have you ever wished there was an easy way to improve the sound quality of background music, speech and announcements that fill the spaces you spend time in? Like lighting and aroma, sound has a huge impact on the mood of any room. Creating a high-quality sonic environment not only makes the space more pleasant, but it can also have a positive influence on per-customer spending and repeat business. At Leisung we are dedicated to helping our customers create the most appealing, effective sonic environments for their needs.

  2. Music Server

    Manage your music in terms of songs and voice overs over a network of stores centrally using our technology solution that allows you to control the content, voice-overs, and timings of your radio channel with ease that dynamically change in real time across your radio network without any downtime or interruptions

PA Systems

  1. PA Systems

    The main purpose of the voice alarm system (VA) is to effectively warn the public of eminent danger thus allowing efficient evacuation. The warning and informative functions can be triggered automatically via the fire alarm system or manually using fireman microphones. The audible alarm system is designed to cover all areas of a building to reach its occupants in the event of an emergency. Leisung technologies are experts in this sometimes challenging area and design, supply and support public address systems.

  2. Fluid Communication

    It is very important to be able to deliver announcements accurately in public places with numerous people. It perfectly suits for both daily broadcasts like announcements and emergency broadcasts to help everyone acknowledge the situation better and faster.

  3. Time Scheduler

    Time scheduling function is highly required in places shared with many people. For effective time management, chime bell set for particular time with a message is definitely needed. Paging system has time scheduling function to reserve and send automated broadcast

  4. Simple Control

    Paging system must run stably and conveniently under any circumstances. It is highly user- focused system with separate zone control function. It can select certain zones and deliver messages to the corresponding area only. Also, sound sources for the zone can be easily set to be released.

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