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Enabling your organization to communicate effectively in today's business world will give you some of the most powerful communication tools ever developed. While you can be sure that your ROI will be of great benefit, setting up modern, technologically equipped meeting rooms - or business communication centers - is not easy or cheap. Proper planning and use of this equipment can be another force multiplier. AV system design is more an art than science. We believe every meeting space is to communicate a message and the only way to create truly inspiring meeting spaces is a practice and that is where we at Leisung Technologies excels. We enhance effective communications with secure conferencing environments that work seamlessly whether it is a meeting room, open park, football ground, a theatre or even your home.

AV Design and integration is much more than just hanging displays on the wall and plugging them in or fixing speakers and playing them. Design is critical because it allows the team to integrate technologies into a working solution. Our Trained designers design the entire system and ensure that the individual technologies are compatible with each other and, when combined, achieve the result the customer envisions. Working with Leisung that both designs and integrates the solution gives you the opportunity to participate earlier in the process. Every design needs to be a custom designed solution meeting the needs of communication for that particular space. Leisung design include control system programming, user interface design, drawing packages and system documentation.

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Home Audio

Our home theater audio system design and installs come in all shapes and sizes, and with a range of immersive audio experiences that turn movie nights into unforgettable experiences. We tailor our designs to our clients’ taste and specific needs down to the very last decibel, while making sure they have one thing in common: our commitment to experience and design. Our designs have found a home on lavish superyachts, palaces, villas, and cozy home theaters across the UAE and beyond.

Installed Audio

Our goal for a meeting room or an auditorium is to provide exceptional sound quality. Over the past many years, Leisung has learned a lot about designing good sound from microphones to speakers. We want to help you implement the same. It’s important to realize that “sound quality” is not an absolute term. Rather, it depends on context. What comprises good sound will be different for music as opposed to speech. Both fidelity and intelligibility are important factors and we help out that in perspective through our technical designs and flawless execution of them

Background Music

Music is a key, if underrated, element in a store’s retail mix: The right music has the potential to put people in the right mood, (re)define the brand’s image, attract customers and increase sales opportunities and revenue. Whether you own a corporate office, a corner shop, fashion retailer, petrol station, shoe shop or a high street chain, Leisung will offer you the latest in music profiling and customer interactivity with our groundbreaking background music system. At Leisung, we offer a bespoke music profile for your venue and work towards keeping your customers' instore browsing for longer with our fully managed and conveniently installed background music system

Public Address System

The objective of most mass notification systems are one and the same: to notify a large number of individuals in the shortest time possible. Despite their similarity, the solutions differ in how they accomplish their objectives. At Leisung , we are always looking to design PA Systems to suit our customers needs. Providing a better solution is key to how an effective emergency broadcast system can help save lives in any kind of critical situation.


The perceived value of an acoustic is well appreciated at Leisung. The larger the space is the more complicated the acoustics tend to be. We often expect a good acoustic auditorium environment would go into room and building design process. The fact is that most architects and designers under-emphasize acoustics, either through lack of acoustical training or because the client wants the best looking and most functional space at the lowest cost. Whether your space is used an auditorium, function hall, cafeteria, gym, or a temple or church or other large space where many people gather, acoustics plays a significant role in your experience there and we at Leisung are geared to take up the challenge with a specialist team for acoustical engineers .


Even before the first handshake, you can make a lasting impression on new clients, employees and guests with lobby display solutions from Leisung. Highly flexible and instantly up-dateable, digital displays give your company the ability to tailor rich-media content to a variety of screen applications. Send a clear, powerful branding message through corporate videos. Lobbies are no longer waiting rooms; by going digital, they can be interactive, dynamic backdrops to your most important business meet-and-greets.

Video Distribution

Leisung offers industry leading and most versatile video distribution, bringing your presentations, lessons, conferences, directly to you from across the globe. With flexible and scalable installations, Leisung brings premium visual capabilities into any office!

From controlling a single room to remote access and room scheduling, we ensure every piece of equipment performs optimally. Managing the everincreasing technology options throughout your office can be overwhelming. Room automation systems can put you back in command by bringing together control of electronics, audio systems, lighting, security and HVAC into a single, simple interface. Whether wireless or as a wall-mounted unit, our custom solutions allow for a control interface tailored to your automation needs. At Leisung Technologies, our expert AV solutions team designs custom room automation and control systems that simplify the technology in boardrooms, conference rooms and throughout the facility. Our partnerships with the best in the world allow us to provide the most advanced automation solutions for clients throughout the Middle East. From custom remote control systems to complete lighting and shading solutions for your conference room, we are the leading experts for audio visual communication and presentation technology.

Leisung Technologies assists in the choice, integration, and management of state-of-the-art communication and collaboration solutions and postimplementation support. We will answer questions, make recommendations, and design and install the necessary equipment. For all of the advanced technology available, the key is to connect humans. Only then does true collaboration become possible. The idea is to keep the A/V control system as simple to use as possible. Control can be automated or run manually, and it should not be significantly hard to learn how to use. The user should not have to deal with a steep learning curve. The control interface should be intuitive, even for non-technical operators. Depending on the environment, the idea is to bring a user up to speed without a lot of training.

Organizations lose millions of dollars every year owing to system failures and downtimes. In order to keep your AV systems up and running, taking the help of experts for infrastructure maintenance is a safe bet. With an option of long term as well as short term maintenance contracts, you can leave the responsibility of all your AV maintenance issues on Leisung Technologies. Our experienced resources will make sure that critical issues are handled in time so that it doesn't affect your business adversely.

Leisung’s unique Annual AV Maintenance Contract offers the best solution for organizations that need comprehensive support and maintenance, but either don’t have the time, skill-set or simply just don’t want the burden of managing a department, or in some situations – an entire IT division.

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